The Dooblicator Mobile Scanning System Is a Portal on a 3D Printed World of Opportunities


The Dooblicator Mobile Scanning System
is a Portal on a 3D Printed World of Opportunities

The news is that Doob Group AG, a German company specializing in 3D technologies, is launching the Dooblicator, which the company “dubbed” as the “World’s First Mobile, 3D Photoprogrammetric Scanning System.” It is a futuristic looking, transportable booth for contactless full body scanning, that ensures fast (0.01 of a second) and highly detailed detection of the human body and other complex surfaces.

This is pretty big news in and of itself, as the Dooblicator can in fact allow for easy 3D scanning of moving objects (such as pets and young children) thus effectively introducing real time physical photography and rapid production of 3D models. These can also be used as virtual avatars, opening up a wide range of possibilities in the creation, development and launch of highly customs physical and digital products.

The other world that the Dooblicator opens a door into is that of the Doob Group itself. This company, based in Dusseldorf and Berlin, with offices in New York and Tokyo, operates in more 3D sectors than one can easily count, effectively exploring every single aspect of the new world based on 3D technologies. For example, it has already worked with top brand UNIQLO on the Selfless Selfie project and has launched a series of marketing services that leverage 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to offer new communication possibilities.

One of these is STARDOOB, a series of tools which include use of the Dooblicator 3D scanning system at concerts and events to connect stars and their fans. Another is 3D SPORT, which uses 3D scanning to offer professional athletes both a means to implement their own marketing and advertising activities and a digital tool to reproduce, analyze and develop their image.

UNIQLO doob 3d printingDoob Group also offers services that can now be considered the “traditional” applications of 3D technologies: 3D printed architectural models, industrial rapid prototyping and jewellery design, and, through its digitisation services it also operates in the fashion industry. This includes services such as BRANDDOOB and, for corporate communication, BUSINESSDOOB, which focuses on stand and booth development for exhibitions and shows, along with a wide range of other activities, such as the one with UNIQLO but also with Dr.Oetker, BBDO, DEG, Samsung and A Fish Named Fred.

All of these offerings, topped off by the MYDOOB physical photography service (through three-dimensionalization of 2D photos or through the Dooblicator booth) find their most consumer-accessible expression in the Doob Group’s 3D Stores. The flagship store is futuristic environment with 3D scanning booths, populated by dozens of high definition personal miniatures. It is definitely a concept for the store of the future, in which you just walk into a booth and, in 0.01 seconds, you can be digitalized, to then be physicalized and sent into new dimensions.


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