The scanning process is completed quickly and takes only 0,01 seconds.
Nevertheless, it is important for the quality of the 3D model that has to be produced, that the person who is going to be scanned stands still during the scanning process. In order to achieve the best results, our stuff makes, if needed, 2 to 3 scans of each client.

Despite all precautions, DOOB 3D Stores cannot be held responsible for a lack of perfection regarding color and/or shape, in case these incurred due to client´s movements during the scanning process (even though the movements are not clearly visible).

Additionally to that, DOOB 3D draws attention to the size of the figurines – those are of course much smaller than the original – the smallest details may disappear or contain too fine structures in order to build them unbreakable.
There is no possibility to eliminate the smallest differences (mm) between the original and the reproduction. Black, white and shiny or reflecting color structures hamper the scan and may lead, under certain circumstances, to difficulties with regards to the shooting or the subsequent production of the figure.

In the reproduction of hair structures (head, beard, etc.) interpretation plays an essential factor – missing structures, holes, etc. which could not be detected by the scan, need to be remodeled in the 3D processing.

In order to avoid unnecessary movement patterns and guarantee stability of the figure, the position for the client should be as comfortable as possible. Wearing high heels can affect the static of a figure and may require the preparation of a platform.

Under certain conditions (figure size and glass type) figure prints with glasses are also available.

What do the figures consist of?
The figurines are produced in the 3D-printing process and consist of a mixture of gypsum-/ silicate powder, binders and infiltrates. The material is breakable and should therefore be used with caution (like a porcelain vase). Direct sunlight, medium- to long term, will cause to fading of the figurines.  Furthermore, it needs to be avoided that the figurines come directly into contact with moisture or chemicals. Due to its consistency and its composition the material that has been used is not suited for playing – broken parts could, for instance, get into the eye or be swallowed -  in such cases, please immediately contact a doctor.

How long does it take for my figure to be delivered?
In general, from the scanning to the delivery of a finished figure it takes up to 8 weeks, depending on demand.