3D-Scanning, 3D-Processing, 3D-Printing



3D-Scanning, 3D-Processing, 3D-Printing



3D-Scanning, 3D-Processing, 3D-Printing


360° 3D-Technology

3D-Technology in the areas of scanning, visualization and 3D printing are going to change the world in a revolutionary manner. DOOB GROUP AG is one of the technology pioneers for integrated 3D-solutions and provides state-of-the-art processes and applications for a variety of uses and market segments already today.

Our services range from 3D-Livescanning over visualization to physical prints out of a 3D-printer.

Together with our clients we develop individual and customized products and solutions.

Our customers are primarily from the areas: Music & Entertainment, Medicine, Architecture, Industry, Design, Fashion, Jewelry Design and Merchandising.

We connect Worlds

DOOB 3D technology opens up new dimensions and allows the connection of real and digital worlds in a complete integrated and new form. Thereby a variety of innovative applications for various industries and market segments are created.





The DOOBLICATOR is a mobile, contactless full body-scanning-system that ensures quick (0,01 sec) and highly precise detection of the human body, as well as other complex surface structures.
The final product hereby is always a high-resolution photo-realistic textured 3D-model that is then accessible for further additional production processes.

The DOOBLICATOR 3D-Scanning system opens revolutionary new possibilities in creation, development launch of highly customized products and applications for various industries and markets.


3D scanning produces create an enormous amount of data that has to be processed in a complex way. The DOOBGATE software process ensures maximal 3D data processing and data compression whilst maintaining highest output and data quality for further attached digital and physical production steps.

DOOBGATE processes huge amounts of data from millions of individual points and models even the most complex structures in order to create very precise and optimized 3D-Models of persons or objects. The sequence of different steps then allows the registration and transformation of individual 3D-Data into one common and fully integrated system.


DOOB GROUP, as a 360° 3D-service provider, offers also the digital and physical production of 3D-models.

3D prototypes are thus developed fast, efficient and at highest quality standards.

Utilizing rapid prototyping, we create customized and unique pieces for small or large series, combined with highest precision and full cost control for our customers.

We bring your ideas to life. 

You have revolutionary projects or product ideas?
Based on the DOOB 3D-Technology process we create individualized and highly customized solutions with you and help you to save development-time, resources and budgets to launch your products faster and more efficiently.

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